Brides Gifts

Key Moments is a beautiful way to give each of your wedding party a shared, yet unique and special gift they will cherish and keep forever.

Present each of them with a keyring personalised to them and the story you share together. From when and where you met them, to holidays you shared, university and school life, or your in jokes and funny memories – each keyring is unique to each party member, representing those special moments. And of course, don’t forget to add your wedding to celebrate and remember the day.

Once we have discussed your ideas, helping you pick the colour(s) of leather, and metal finishings, we lovingly hand make all of our keyring’s to order, hand stamp your precious memories. Next, we then carefully wrapping them individually with our Luxury Gift Wrapping.

Groom's Gifts

This includes carefully protecting your keyring’s with foam before we wrap them in our luxury tissue paper, where we then place them in a double lined velvet bag and sprinkle in some stars. Finally we add a finishing touch, stamping individual names and attaching them on to the bag. Beautiful, luxurious and personal.

Please email us to get the ball rolling, we love to chat and will always do our best to accommodate your ideas.