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She made you, she raised you, she fed you, bathed you and wiped your toosh. So why wouldn’t you want a Key Moment to take with you everywhere to remind you of what an amazing person she is?
Add her birthday and you’ll never forget it, or better yet, if you’re buying it as gift for her, add a special message from yourself.

We have created a list of some of the beautiful ways in which people say mother, but our list is not exhaustive. If you have a special name you can’t see please visit our fully customisable page here to create your moment.

Tip: Engrave the back with her favourite flowers or perfume and you’ll always have a present idea at hand!

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Steel, Brass


Ahm, Amai, Indy, Ma, Madre, Majka, Mama, Maman, Mami, Mamma, Mamá, Mat', Matka, Moeder, Moer, Mom, Mor, Mother, Mum, Mumma, Mummy, Mutter, Mzaa, Mzazi, Màna, Mãe, Mère, Oka-san


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