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Whether it’s a personal best or a course record, a typical weekend for you, or a glorious bucket list moment that saw you dragging yourself over the finish line, running a marathon (or ten) is a pretty amazing accomplishment, and one you should definitely remember.

If you can’t find your marathon on our list, don’t sweat! Jog on over to our fully customisable page here.

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Steel, Brass


Boston Marathon, Athens Authentic, Marine C. M’thon, GWoC Marathon, Dublin Marathon, Rome Marathon, Tokyo Marathon, Marrakech M’thon, Kilimanjaro, G.O. Rd Marathon, Mont St-M M’thon, Big Sur Marathon, Big Five M’thon, Inca Trail M’thon, NYC Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Paris Marathon, Antarctic M’thon, Bangkok Marathon, Oz Outback M’thon, Jungfrau M’thon, N. Falls M’thon, Patagonia M’thon, Missoula M’thon, Midnight Sun, Sparkasse M’thon, Chicago Marathon, Honolulu M’thon, Wineglass M’thon, London Marathon, Puerto Rico M’thon, Rio de J. M’thon


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