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How amazing are grandparents!? They are basically there to say yes to everything Mum will not! They spoil us rotten, and they have the best stories.

Remember your grandmother with this Key Moment. We’ve collected a list of different words for grandmother from all over the world. If you can’t find yours just simply shuffle on over to our fully customisable page here.

Engrave with her birthday or a special date you both shared together, or give as a gift to celebrate the day your mum became a grandparent!

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Steel, Brass


Abuela, Amma, Avó, Baba, Babcia, Babushka, Banma, Bibi, Bomma, Farmor, Geema, Giagiá, Grams, Gran, Grand-Mère, Grandma, Grandmother, Halmeoni, Kuku Wahine, Lao Ye, Lola, Maw maw, Meme, Mimi, Mormor, Nagymama, Nan, Nana, Nanny, Nai Nai, Nonna, Oba-chan, Oma, Ouma, Savta, Tutu, Yaya


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