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Festivals are more than just great musical events in the summer. All over the world people come together in some of the most iconic festivals to celebrate life, death, love and art. We have picked some of the worlds most famous festivals just to get your imagination buzzing. Personalise with a date or year, or add the friend who joined you in this amazing experience. This has surely got to be one of the most fun lists to start trying to tick off!?

There are so many more amazing festivals not on our list, so if you can’t find yours just dance on over to our fully customisable page here!


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Steel, Brass


Berlin Love Parade, Boryeong Mud, Burning Man, Carnevale Venice, Cascamorras, Cherry Blossom, Chinese New Year, Coachella, Cooper’s Hill, Day of the Dead, Edinburgh Fringe, Glastonbury, Harbin Snow & Ice, Holi, La Tomatina, Lantern Festival, Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest, Rio Carnival, Salvador de Bahia, Songkran, Sundance, Tomorrowland, Up Helly Aa Fire, White Nights


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