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If we had a bucket list, it would start from here.

As well as travelling to countries, celebrating people and remembering events, we wanted to include a list of amazing experiences. Things you did that you’ll look back on and question your crazy courage, or smile at the memory of the awe you felt.

Our list is just the tip of the iceberg and we know there are endless life experiences to be had. Our fully customisable page here allows you to create a moment to remember all of your own amazing personal life experiences.

Tip: Customisation is endless with experiences! It could be the date, the time, the depth, the height, the weather, your companions, what you spotted, what you drank etc.

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Steel, Brass


1st Tattoo, Angor Wat, Aurora Australis, Aurora Borealis, Bagan Temples, Bungee Jump, Cherry Blossom, Cannoning, Dived With Sharks, Dog Sledding, Donated Blood, Floating Market, Full Moon Party, Gondola Ride, Gt Wall of China, Halong Bay, Helicopter Ride, Hobbiton, Holi Festival, Hot Air Ballon, Ice Hotel, Kilimanjaro, La Tomatina, Loy Krathong, Mekong River, Niagara Falls, Oktoberfest, Rafting, River Ganges, Safari, Salar de Uyuni, Scuba Diving, Sistine Chapel, Sky Diving, Snorkeling, Snowboarding, Solar Eclipse, Super Bowl Final, Swam Nurse Sharks, Swam With Sharks, Swam w/ Dolphins, Sydney Harbour Br., Skiing, Table Mountain, Tea Ceremony, Tivoli, Trans Siberian RW, Venice Carnival, Victoria Falls, Whale Watching, White Water Raft, W’beest Migration, Zebra Migration, Zip Lining


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