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From the clearest waters at Silfra (Iceland) to the iconic Great Barrier reef, the world under the sea is vast, mesmerising and beautiful.

Trying to list all of the amazing dive sites in the world would be an impossible task so we have listed 30 of some of the most amazing dive sites to start you off. If you cant find your dive site on our list, worry not. Descend on down to our fully customisable Key Moment page here!

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Diving Sites

Bajo Halconee (Costa Rica), Barracuda Point (Sipadan Island), Big Brother (Red Sea Egypt), Blue Corner Wall (Palau, Micronesia), Blue Maomao Arch (New Zealand), Cape Kri (Indonesia), Capo d’Acqua (Italy), Cenote (Angelita), Elephant Head (Similan Islands), Farne Islands (England), Galapagos Islands, Great Blue Hole (Belize), Half Moon Caye (Belize), Liberty Wreck (Bali, Indonesia), Mainit Muck (Philippines), Malapascua (Phillippines), Manta Ray Alley (Indonesia), Navy Pier (Western Australia), Osprey Reef (Australia), Palau (Phillipines), Raja Ampat (Indonesia), Ras Mohammed (Red Sea Egypt), Richelieu Rock (Thailand), Silfra Fissure (Iceland), Sipadan Islands, The Riviera Maya (Mexico), The Yolonga (Australia), Thistlegorm (Red Sea Egypt), Tiger Beach (Bahamas), Yolanda Reef (Red Sea Egypt)


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