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Learning to dive is like learning to be part of a whole new world. It’s hard not to become obsessed, with a fast growing desire to dive deeper, longer and into more intrepid waters.

Working your way through your qualifications is a great feeling so use these Key Moments to remember you achievements. We’ve gathered qualifications from the leading dives schools into one list. If you cant find your exact qualification here, descend down to our fully customisable page here to stamp out your perfect moment!

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Steel, Brass


Open Water 18m, Advance OW 30m, Advance OW 27m, Rescue Diver, Advance Rescue, Dive Master 30m, Dive Master 40m, R.A.P.I.D Diver, Advance Deep, Sports Diver, Recreational 1, Recreational 2, Nitrox Diver, Solo Diver, Adventurer Diver, Club Diver, Dive Leader, Dive Supervisor


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