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Dads are great aren’t they? They’re reliable, handy and (believe) they can fix anything. Take this moment with you everywhere to remind yourself of what a legend he really is, and with his birthday added you’ll never forget it!

We have created a list of different words for Dad from all over the word, but if you can’t find your preferred term, no worries. Head on over to our fully customisable page here.

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Steel, Brass


abonim, appa, athair, baba, babba, babbo, banketi, buwa, dad, daddy, daidí, father, haakoro, isa, mzazi, otac, otec, otosan, pai, pap, papa, papi, pappa, pappie, papá, pare, pater, patri, pedar, pop, poppa, pop, tad, tata, tatti, tevas, tens, vader, viejo, ôèe


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