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Personalise this amazing moment with your details! It could be a name, date, time, location, weight, measurement, occasion, memory, phrase.


Part of what makes Key Moments so great is that are a completely bespoke product which is tailored made to your needs and wishes. We want to help you remember as many moments as you can and we love creating fully personalised Key Moments. We offer a range of pre-stamped moments, but this is just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities.
If you want something completely unique, read on!

Our fully customisable moment option gives you maximum personalisation. With up to 17 characters on each side (including spaces) get creative in what you would like to take a moment to remember forever.

Some inspiration:

  • Probably our favourite moments to stamps are new arrivals to the family! Stamp their name, date of birth, the time they made their first appearance, and even add their weight.
  • Four legged friends are also definitely worth adding to your keyring!
  • In-jokes and sayings have always been a laugh for us to stamp and often get us wondering…
  • Perhaps your bucket list is a little less conventional and more unique. If it matters to you it matters to us. Your first sale? A job promotion? Whatever the accomplishment or special memory, we want to help you remember it!

Things to remember:
We try our best to position words as we feel looks best. This often means stamping clockwise isn’t the preferred option. We will stamp the top half of the side clockwise, and then the bottom half anti clockwise of each side.

Therefore please don’t forget that spaces count as characters! If you are stamping more than one word or piece of information on each side, you will need to use two characters as spaces to ensure your chosen details are displayed properly.


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