How many characters can I stamp per side?

Each moment can fit 17 (2.5mm) characters per side including spaces COMFORTABLY.
This is important because while 18 characters are possible we remove one to provide us with spacing allowance and to prevent the moment looking too clustered. 


We try our best to position words as we feel looks best. This often means stamping entirely clockwise isn’t the preferred option. We will stamp the top half of the side clockwise, and then the bottom half anti clockwise.

Moment Instructions 2 JPG

Therefore please don’t forget that spaces count as characters. You will need to use two characters as spaces to ensure your chosen details are displayed properly.

Moment Instructions 3 JPG

Can you stamp in different sizes?

We spent a lot of time trialling different options of stamp size. We can stamp in 2mm, which would provide a slight increase in character allowance, but the 2mm stamps are very small and while you might gain more characters they are harder to read. Please contact us to request or discuss any stamping in different sizes, we will do our best to accommodate where we can.

Is there anything you wont stamp?

Yes. We don’t have a specific list of things we wont stamp but we reserve the right to refuse any moment at our discrimination. We appreciate how context and subjectivity is important so we advise you to make contact and have a chat with us if you’re unsure.

We stamp what the order says. Please (please) check your spelling before sending your order. There are variations for different words across different languages and we wont always assume it is an error.
If we think there is an obvious error we will contact you to confirm, (a birthday reading ‘2081’). Otherwise we will assume all names and places are spelt how you have ordered!

Tell us about the leather

Leather is a natural product and we only use vegetable tanned hides. As a result some natural variations maybe appear in the leather such as slight variations in colour or markings within the pattern of the grain. We ensure that these variations are minimal and do not in any way effect the integrity of our products. In fact we quite like them, as it adds character and even more uniqueness to each keyring.

Bridal Parties

We love creating keyrings and moments for bridal parties, it’s one of our favourite things we do! It’s a beautiful way to give your party a present unique to each of them, but shared amongst them.

As well at stamping the date of your beautiful day why not add those personalised moments you share with your party? When or where you first met them each, holidays you went on together, experiences you shared, the uni you graduated from? The list is endless so get thinking! Check out our bridal page here.

Can you supply corporate gifts?

Hell yes! If you have a business and want to add an incredible personalised touch for your customers or want to thank your staff just let us know.

Not only are we are happy to discuss all options regarding quantities, pricing and production time, but we can even talk colours and your logo. We are happy to try to incorporate your brand. Please read our corporate page here for more inspiration!

Please contact us to discuss!

Gift Wrapping Options

We offer a standard wrapping on all our products which includes your keyring being foamed protected before we wrap with our personalise tissue paper and seal with our logo. This is included with all keyring purchases.
We also offer our luxury gift wrapping, perfect to add that extra special touch! This includes wrapping each keyring in foam protection with personalised tissue paper and seal sticker, placing it in a luxury double flocked velvet bag with our gold key, sprinkled with stars, as well as a personalised message from the gift giver enclosed in a wax sealed envelope.
It’s pretty damn fancy.

Where multiple keyrings are purchased gift wrapped and sent to the same address, we add an extra touch by stamping the recipients name on a moment and attaching it to the bag so they are easy to distinguish between.
Remember to add in the checkout note section a message telling us which moments go on which keyring!


Can you produce faster than 2-3 weeks?

Our standard shipping time is 2-3 weeks. It may sound a long time but in reality we often produce and ship much faster depending on the time of year and location of the destination.
Key Moments is a fully personalised gift so we advise customers to order with plenty of time in advance – We include ‘production time’ in with shipping time, so the time it takes to make and send your gift is also dependant on the speed of the courier (see below). While 2-3 weeks is our average we are located in the UK and sometimes it might take a little longer in the post to send to lands far away!

Having said all that…we’ve all forgot and had to get a gift last minute at some point in life. Like we always say, drop us a message and if we can, we will try our best to make something work extra fast!

Where do you ship?

In short we ship anywhere where Royal Mail does, which is pretty much everywhere.
We try to keep postage costs as low as possible and as close, if not below, Royal Mail’s cost.

**Please note – If you wish to send your gift somewhere off the beaten track check with us or Royal Mail about delivery times. Although 2-3 weeks is our estimated standard time from our experience for delivery to most places world wide, some locations are less accessible and dependant on Royal Mail’s time frame.
For example – if you wanted to send a present to Antartica for Christmas you would have to order and post around mid October!**

Shipping Fees:

Flat rate: £1.99
Orders over £20: Free

Flat rate: £3.50
Order over £30: Free

Royal Mail Zone 2:
(Australia, Antarctica Territory, Belau, British Indian Ocean Territory, Christmas Islands, Cocos, Cook Island, Fiji, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Kiribati, Macao, Nauru, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Niue, Norfolk Island, Papua New Guinea, Laos, Pitcairn, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Tokelau Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu)
Flat rate: £5
Orders over £50: Free

Everywhere else:
Flat rate: £4.75
Orders over £45: Free

Please note we do not intend to make any money from shipping! These prices are set by our courier company (Royal Mail), based on their price given for the average weight of an order.


A percentage of the profits from Key Moments goes to charities, in particular cancer related ones. This includes research, support groups, raising awareness etc.
Please keep an eye on our social media for more information and updates!

Returns and Refunds

If you have searched for this section that’s not good! We always do our best to ensure you love your keyring and Moments as much as we do.
If you do have a problem however please do contact us so we can talk.

We don’t offer returns or refunds on Moments because they are personalise and as such we cannot resell or reuse. If we have made an error however (we are human and we hand stamp) of course we will do everything we can to make it right!