Want to give your staff a gift that’s a little more personal? Look no further! Take a moment to show them how much you appreciate each and everyone of them with a personalised keyring. We can help you gather some personal memories from them, as well as adding your own personal moments to show them you value them in your team.

Or perhaps you want a quality handout, a unique ‘business card’ or a special thank you to valued customers that’s a little different to stand out from the crowd?

We create our keyrings in eight gorgeous colours, made from quality durable leather. However, if there is a particular colour you want, we do try to accommodate and will do our best to source this.

We can stamp your logo onto the front of our keyrings, before hand stamping on to moments all the information you need. Telephone numbers, addresses, sales figures and targets, etc. You name it, we’ve stamped it!

We can ship to yourself or specific addresses easily, and we love to beautifully hand wrap our gorgeous keyrings.

Please get in contact to discuss your ideas, we love to chat and see what we can do.