Hello, Welcome to Key Moments

Charlotte 1

Key Moments was founded in 2017 when health problems forced me to quit working. After being diagnosed with stage three breast cancer at the age of just 25, I was faced with a long period of upsetting treatments, painful operations and difficult reflection.

As someone who had always lived my life to fullest I had no regrets or fears I had not been using my time wisely, and I began to draw on my past memories, travels and experiences to help me through the toughest time in my life. Whether it was graduating from university, surfing in Bali, diving in Egypt or my first kiss with my partner, it was these key moments that helped me to stay positive and remember the beauty in life. I found myself wishing I had something more than a photo album I could look at, and something I could easily carry with me everyday. Key Moments was then born.


Key Moments makes for a beautiful gift for loved ones or a special present for yourself. You can chronicle your life and its defining moments in a way that can be taken wherever you go in the world. It is personal to you and your journey in life, with no two the same, and handmade just the way life is.

From children and weddings, to hobbies and travel, whatever makes you smile, and whatever you live for, those are the key moments to cherish and remember.

I hope you find as much beauty and love in Key Moments as I do.